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Welcome to the Study Skills Course

This course is invaluable for students wishing to study further at an international university (at undergraduate and postgraduate levels), or for success in their final years at school. The skills taught on this programme are designed to help students master the essential study skills they need for high achievement. Corporates use it as part of their employee training and development, especially for people entering the workplace for the first time.

The course is based on many years’ experience of successful teaching in UK universities and colleges, to students from various educational traditions, nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. Many have been unused to British methods of teaching and learning, which are applicable to successful study at universities worldwide. We have found that such students have benefitted greatly from such study skills programmes.

The course encourages active and independent learning, enables students to gain valuable insights into their own educational needs and helps develop skills necessary for their progress. This leads to higher achievement as well as to more enjoyment in study.

There is more detailed information about the course below. The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page is accessible from the link on the left, as is all the information you require about gaining access to the course.

The cost of the course is a one-off payment of £99.99. Once paid the student will be sent a user name and password valid for 6 months.

Designed as an aid to students:
dot Still in school and planning to go on to higher education
dot Wanting to study at good universities in their own country or anywhere in the world
dot Already studying at such universities
dot In employment, for continuous professional development (Corporate Training)
Intended to help students:
dot Develop the skills needed for successful study and gain confidence in using these skills
dot Develop the knowledge for ‘SMART’ study techniques
dot Prepare new entrants to the corporate world present themselves and their work professionally, in an articulate and knowledgeable manner
The applicants:
Prior Knowledge and Experience:
dot No prior knowledge of study skills is required.
Levels suited To:
dot A levels and GCSE / all School Certificates worldwide
dot Baccalaureate curriculum
dot Undergraduate study: particularly for business, finance and management courses, human resource management and law courses
dot Postgraduate study: MBA, MA, postgraduate diplomas such as DMS
dot Corporate training for employees
What the course is about:
The Course is Designed To:
dot Help students develop and implement their current study techniques and learn new ones
dot Help clarify how and what the different study techniques can help learners achieve
dot Give students confidence and enjoyment in studying and applying their knowledge because they understand what to do, how to do it and for what purpose
What we offer:
dot Helping students develop and effectively use study skills at Postgraduate (principally MBA) and Undergraduate level and also for students at school wanting to get good grades in order to go on to university.
dot Long experience of teaching at British universities and colleges
dot Wide experience teaching international students especially from the Far East, South Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe
dot A great deal of experience and success at British universities and colleges in developing effective study skills to benefit students of all ages and abilities
dot Easy for students to understand and to improve their performance
dot Step by step development of learning, analytical and different types of writing skills
dot Easily accessed online tuition
dot This course is evidence of the importance schools, universities and corporates all over the world place on developing appropriate and effective techniques that lead to individual progress, high achievement and success.
Principles and Methods:
dot To encourage independent and also ‘SMART’ learning
dot All the skills considered essential to successful study, learning and knowledge are covered
dot A developmental approach, where more basic skills are treated first and used as building blocks to more complex skills
Benefits to Students:
dot Development of learning, analytical and writing skills
dot Sound preparation for academic success
dot Easy online access
dot Confidence
dot Professionalism
Benefits Schools, Colleges and Business:
dot Course can be delivered by  institutions both in the classroom as well as on an individual basis
dot Easy online access
dot Valuable in preparing students for entry to both local and  overseas universities and colleges
dot Preparing students to be effective in the workplace
How it Works:

The course is divided into eight units. Each unit is a stand-alone unit, but because the course is developmental and the units are connected to each other, there is cross-referencing between units.

Each skill is taught thoroughly, followed by exercises for the student to do. Suggested answers are given.  At the end of each unit, there is a set of questions to test the student’s understanding of the material presented.

Students are also able to post  questions for the course tutor via the Contact Page.

Short biography of Course Tutor Dr. Miriam Green:

Miriam Green  

Miriam Green

Dr. Miriam Green has a BA from the University of Cape Town, an MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and a Ph.D from De Montfort University, U.K.

Dr. Green has co-authored a book, Organisational Theory. The book is mainly for business and social science students and is distributed in several countries.  She has also co-authored a CPD online course titled: Organisation Theory: Conceptual Frameworks in a Changing Context.

Miriam has had many years of experience teaching both study skills and organisation studies.   Her students have come from all over the world. 
She has taught a variety of courses at different levels: MBA, MA in Employment and Human Resource Management, BA in Management, Accounting and Human Resource Management and HND/C in Business.  

On all these courses she has helped students achieve higher grades through her emphasis on their developing effective study skills and her successful teaching techniques in this area.